Lightroom — Organise & edit photos

Lightroom — Organise & edit photos
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  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Sydney, New South Wales
  • Product code: LR OrgEd

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If you have been using a digital camera or a smartphone for your photography then you will have collected thousands of photos which are often not easy to sort through. Adobe Lightroom is a tool designed specifically for photographers to keep track of their collection of photos. With this workshop you will be able to access, categorise, edit and publish your photos without having to go searching through multiple hard drives. 

This workshop is part of our fundamental workshops. It will help you create a 'workflow' to set up a searchable archive for your photo library.

About your Lightroom mentor
Colin Seton is an experienced Adobe educator. He is a software consultant for a diverse range of industries, providing one-to-one training and coaching for existing software and new technologies. Colin is also a passionate photographer using a traditional DSLR, a mirrorless as well as his smartphone. He uses Lightroom for his own archives and has been on the WAO team since we began in 2017.

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What you will need
This workshop will be held in our comfy photography studios at Chippendale. We will have powered places for your laptops or your desktops.
We encourage you to bring in the machine you will work on to get as much from the session as possible.